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Brought to you by Dallas Theological Seminary

Seminary Comparison is brought to you by Dallas Theological Seminary. Dallas Theological Seminary believes that biblical training is essential for life-long, Christ-honoring ministry. It’s so important that we want to help you choose a great seminary—even if it’s not DTS. These data alone cannot and should not determine the seminary you attend, but we hope they help you better discern what God would have you do to bring glory to Him.

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This website contains information that provides a synthesis of various factors through recognized, public organizations. Cost of living and city analysis is provided through bestplaces.net and is updated annually. Educational costs and curricula are provided through each institution’s public website. School data is provided by the Association of Theological School’s public site and reflects the most recent “census” data published by ATS. Information will be updated as public records are updated on the aforementioned sites. This information is provided by Dallas Theological Seminary for the benefit of those considering seminary education. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information. Please send corrections and updates to webmaster@dts.edu.

* Enrollment numbers are currently for Fall 2017, unless newer numbers have been provided.

 “Curriculum” refers to degrees that are at least three years long such as an M.Div. program or DTS’s 4-year integrated Th.M.. Schools with quarter units (QU) have been converted to semesters by multiplying by 2/3.

 Degree costs are generally based on a per credit hour cost, but some schools have per semester or per program costs. For Southern Baptist church seminaries, the discounted rate (usually around 50%) is listed in parenthesis.