Which Degree? MDiv vs. MA vs. ThM - Seminary Comparison

Which Degree? MDiv vs. MA vs. ThM

Do you know the difference between the various seminary degrees? Look no further! We’ll take a brief tour through the three major graduate-level seminary degrees, highlighting their basic differences, so you can choose the program that best fits you. Master of Divinity (MDiv) The Master of Divinity (magister divinitatis) is the most common degree for pastoral ministry in North America. The MDiv is a considered a “professional” degree because it

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Bible College Grad School Seminary - What's the Difference? - Seminary Comparison

Seminary, Graduate School, or Bible College – What’s the Difference?

Most people aren’t in the habit of using words like “accreditation” or “registrar” on a daily basis. After all, the world of higher education and academia has its own language. The difference between terms like “seminary” or “bible college” can seem confusing, too. If you’re a student trying to figure out what education requirements you need for pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, or church leadership, it’s important to know the differences between

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